Freshly Pic'ed Photography | Newborn | What To Expect & Misc. Information



When you book your session there might be some uncertainty as to what you will see and what will happen during your session, I want your session to be the least of your worries!

I have put together a list of things that I [hope] ease your mind and have you feeling prepared and as excited for your session as I am!



I always suggest feeding baby before you leave your home and once you arrive, "top" baby off to maintain that full belly. But don't worry, we will take mini breaks for refueling!


You will feel very, very warm!

Your newborn just came from a VERY warm environment and I want them to feel as comfortable as they did in your tummy! I will have space heater(s) on and it will become every bit of 85 degrees in the studio room. There will also be a heating pad safely underneath the layers of blankets where I will be posing baby! Both, the heater(s) and heating pad assist baby fall/stay asleep so we are able to put them into those adorable little poses we have been dreaming of! I will be wearing a tank top and/or t-shirt and I always suggest to wear something similar. However, Mom and Dad are always welcome to escape into the other room to cool down and watch some tv! 


You will here a strange swooshing and/or "shhhhhhhh" sound 

I will have music on to calm baby, have baby stay asleep, etc. 


I hope that you will walk into the studio and feel at home

To the couch, the tv, to the mini fridge filled with complimentary water bottles, caffeine, and little snacks, I want you to feel at home, so that you can sit and relax while I capture the beautiful-very-new moments of your bundle of joy! It HONESTLY makes my heart happy to see parents taking a quick snooze, catching up on social media or just enjoying a tv show (believe me, I know in the beginning days of adjusting to the new life with your new baby, these moments are seriously treasured!


You’ll notice a large bean bag with blankets that definitely resemble some sort of tee pee!

This is where I always start posing your baby! 


You’ll also notice an area with a backdrop and a cute little set-up.

Based on your selections on the Newborn Questionnaire, I will have one already set up prior to your arrival and then all others in order ready for transition!


You will see lots and lots and lots of fabric, blankets, sheets, baskets, pillows, crocheted outfits, headbands, etc.!

I love to create different scenery options for clients! It's better to have too many options than not enough (plus, I am a little addicted!!)


You’ll notice hand sanitizer EVERYWHERE! And you'll notice me using it VERY often!

If I feel even the slightest bit sick I will call and reschedule the session. I have had my whooping cough shot, all required vaccinations and keep up to date on my flu shots.


I DO have animals!

I am an animal lover! I have (2) dogs and (2) cats. I make sure to notify all clients of this considering potential allergies, however my dogs are hypoallergenic. My dogs and cats will NOT be visible during your session and they are not allowed in my studio room.


Once you get settled in, I will take the reigns! Relax - Be Calm - Enjoy!

After you get settled in and feed baby, I will ask for baby and cuddle him/her and begin the session! I want the parents to be able to sit back, watch and relax, after all... you probably have not done much of that lately! Plus, when babies smell Mommy... they want Mommy! This will make for an unhappy little babe and we certainly want a happy sleepy baby. Being calm and relaxed is so very important, babies can sense when mom is nervous,  babies can sense when I’m nervous.  I set my studio up the night before a session so that the morning of your session, I am not rushing or feeling anxious trying to gather my creative thoughts last minute! If you’re running a few minutes late (one of the biggest causes of anxiety before a session), it’s okay! I've been there, done that and still do it (insert disappointment, here.) I’ve planned for a little wiggle room. Just make sure there are open lines of communication so I can plan accordingly! It’s more important that you arrive relaxed than feel anxious that you’ve arrived a few minutes late.



My other children are involved in our newborns photos, do they stay the whole time?

I kindly request that they do not, understandably, the children will become bored, hot, restless and irritated having to remain incredibly quite while watching their new sibling having photos taken. I provide 2 options when I photograph newborns and siblings; we can do sibling shots very first thing, or very last. This way, Dad or a grandparent/aunt/uncle, etc. can take the siblings as soon as we are done, or the siblings can be dropped off towards the very end.

Can my online gallery be private?

Since a lot of newborn photos are the "naked baby" photos, I take FULL precaution to make sure they're properly positioned to ensure nothing is seen. However, I am more than happy to make your online gallery only viewable with a password.

Can I bring outfits?

If there is a special onesie or dress that you would like to have baby photographed in, I ask that you only bring one. We will take this as one of our last pictures. I enjoy using crocheted items, hats, wraps, etc. because they do not require "getting dressed" therefore, baby remains comfortable and asleep.

What props can we use?

Depending on your chosen package, all my props are welcome for your use! If you have chosen a "mini" package, due to time sensitivity, we are able to use only small props (headbands, hats). If you have seen a set-up that I have done, or certain props of mine that you would like to use, please feel free to put that information on the Newborn Questionnaire! It will make set-up MUCH easier.

My baby has jaundice/baby acne, should I reschedule?

Absolutely NOT! Isn't that what Photoshop is for? In all seriousness, unless your baby has been instructed by their pediatrician to be under direct light, there is no other reason to reschedule. I can quickly fix these very minor [flaws?] in Photoshop!

Am I involved in the session?

If you have chosen a package that includes Mom and/or Dad, we will do these photos towards the end of our session. I can very confidently say that I am very nurturing and good with babies therefore I’m going to very respectfully ask you to sit back and let me do my magic! As mentioned before, baby smells Mommy - baby wants only Mommy! I’ll let you know when I think baby needs to be fed, otherwise, I’ve got this, I truly enjoy getting your newborn to sleep, soothing them, but most importantly, it eliminates the hand-off when mom/dad gets baby to sleep, hands off baby to me and inevitably, baby wakes up.

What should I wear?

Mom, Dad, siblings, whoever, should wear: blacks, grays, tans, browns, etc., try to steer away from white, but cream is okay! Simplistic is the best way to think of how to dress, try to stay away from busy patterns... the focus should be on the newborn, of course :). Mom, very dainty jewelry, although the chunky necklaces are beautiful, a lot of the poses with baby, this necklace will be in the way. Dads, no watches! Again, with a lot of poses, you have your beautiful newborn.... and then a chunky watch, this ends up taking away from the photo. Many times I have had dads request that I photoshop it out once they have received the final image!

How old does my baby need to be?

Your baby should be under 10 days old for his/her newborn photography session. It seems that once they hit 10-14 days old they start to get baby acne, they aren’t as deep of sleepers, are not as flexible, they learn how to stretch those cute little limbs, etc. Of course, this does not mean that it is "too late" to do a session! You just need to have the understanding that we may not be able to capture those very-sleepy-flexible baby poses!