Freshly Pic'ed Photography | Meet Kelcie

I  was born and raised in Annapolis, Maryland and currently reside on a beautiful farm that I am very fortunate to have as my place of serenity.  I love capturing the moments that are raw and real, that is when someone is most vulnerable, the photo speaks volumes as to what was transpiring lin that moment. Whether it is your children playing outside, the way new parents are looking at their beautifully and wonderfully made, newborn, or the celebration of a milestone that creates excitement and pride, or the love between a couple that are beginning this journey called life. 

My goal is to capture those very moments that are so real, that when you look back at your photos years from now, you're able to feel those same emotions all over again.

I want my clients to look at their gallery of images and grin when they notice that someone making that silly smile that they do not even notice themselves. I want my clients to see how they're partner truly looks at them, from another perspective.

I want you to truly understand the beauty on the other side of the lens, you.